Biomass is the “stuff of life” on this planet - it represents all plants, animals and humans as well as organic residues and wastes. IINAS research addresses

  • bioenergy (for electricity, heat/cooling, and transport fuels) and biomaterials (fiber, plastics, textiles etc.) as well as integrated systems, i.e. so-called biorefineries (for more info see biomass projects)
  • sustainable food systems

The aim is to integrate sustainability requirements into a common metric with overall criteria and indicators. Furthermore, resource-efficient strategies for all biomass need to be identified, taking into account land-use.

There is a lack of meaningful definition of what “bioeconomy” could mean from a sustainability point of view, and IINAS will work on that, building on activities of its associates and partners in Argentina, Brazil, the Netherlands, Sweden, Thailand, UK and the US. In that regard, IINAS works on the sustainability governance of the bioeconomy (see documentation of the workhop "Governing sustainability in biomass supply chains for the bioeconomy", May 23, 2019 in Utrecht).

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