GEMIS Database

The GEMIS database contains the basic information for the model, and consists of approx. 10,000 processes in more than 30 countries in the following groups:

  • Energy carriers: fossil (hard coal and lignite, crude oil and natural gas, the latter also for unconventional extraction), renewables (geothermal, hydro, solar, wind), biogenic (bodiesel, biogas, biomethane, BtL, cassava, corn, ethanol, grass, Jatropha, miscanthus, oil palm, rape, sugar beet, sugar cane, short-rotation coppices, soy, sorghum, straw, switchgrass, wheat, wood) as well as hydrogen and uranium (including ultimate analyses and upstream processes to give full life-cycles)
  • Electricity and heat supply: cogeneration and power plants for many sizes and fuels, district and local heating, boilers and stoves, including upstream processes and materials for construction
  • Materials: base chemicals, constructionmaterials, food and feed, plastics, metals, textiles (including upstream processes and for imports also foreign processes)
  • Transport: cars (for biofuels, CNG, diesel, electricity, gasoline), public transport (bus, metro, trains) and airplanes as well as freight transport (train, truck, pipelines and ships), including upstream processes and materials for construction.

This is shown schematically in the following graph.

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