Land Degradation - and Restoration

Land use can lead - and already has led - to degradation of ecosystems (grasslands, forests, mangroves...), with negative impacts on e.g., biodiversity, climate, food security, and water.

IINAS research on sustainable land use concerns not only resource-efficient production and use of biomass for food and feed, energy and materials (i.e. the bioeconomy), but also opportunities to restore degraded land, and contribute to land degradation neutrality (LDN).

In that context, IINAS staff has prepared the "Land and Energy" Background Paper for the UNCCD Global Land Outlook, and continues to work with the UNCCD Secretariat and others on respective solutions.

As a cooperation between GIZ (on behalf of BMZ),GBEP and IEA Bioenergy, linking Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) with sustainable bioenergy is the issue of a series of international and national dialogues.

IINAS contributes to that as part of its work for IEA Bioenergy Task 40 (Deployment of biobased value chains) and Task 45 (Climate and sustainability effects of bioenergy within the broader bioeconomy). In that regard, IINAS helped to bring forward the

and will engage in the follow-up process.