The ENTIRE Project

ENTIRE (Elaborating the international discussion on resource efficiency) was a joint research project of IFAD, DERA and IINAS funded by the German federal ministries of research and education (BMBF), environment (BMU) and economy (BMWi).

ENTIRE aimed at increasing the knowledge on international and global concepts of resource efficiency to further develop the German research, policy and instrument approaches, and to substantiate German inputs to the European and international discussion on resource efficiency.

Key project results are given in the final report (in German):
Goldmann D u.a. 2013: ENTIRE – Entwicklung der internationalen Diskussion zur Steigerung der Ressourceneffizienz
; IFAD TU Clausthal, BGR unter Verwendung von Beiträgen der IINAS GmbH; gefördert vom BMBF (FKZ 033R110 A-B); Berlin, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Hannover

A summary of IINAS results is available in German:
ENTIRE – Entwicklung der internationalen Diskussion zur Steigerung der Ressourceneffizienz Teil I: Allgemeine internationale Ressourceneffizienzstrategien; Fritsche U, Gavilan I, Leagnavar P; Endbericht zum Vorhaben für TU Clausthal - IFAD gefördert vom BMBF; Darmstadt, London, Paris 2013

The detailed Annex of this report gives all details (in English):
Elaborating the International Discussion on Resource Efficiency (ENTIRE): Part I: Resource Efficiency Policies in Various Countries - Annex Report; Fritsche U, Gavilan I, Leagnavar P; prepared for IFAD with funding from BMBF; Darmstadt, London, Paris 2013

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