Kevin Fingerman

Foto Kevin Fingerman

Kevin finalized his PhD at UC Berkeley’s Energy & Resources Group in May 2012. He already worked with us on 
the bioenergy and water nexus from 2010-2011, and has excellent expertise in sustainable bioenergy issues from his work at the RSB, where he is Steering Board Vice-Chair.
He was Natural Resources Specialist for the European Commission and Winrock International, evaluated the effect of the EU water framework directive in 19 nations globally, examined existing policy mechanisms in these countries for management of any impacts, and prepared analysis and documents for the Commission’s reporting to the European Parliament. From 2012 to early 2013 he worked at the GBEP Secretariat in Rome, and since then helps building a Bioenergy Research Center at Humboldt University in California where he has an assistant professorship. At IINAS he is the focal point for biomass-water issues since 2014, and supports our analysis of fracking from the US side.
His expertise is on life cycle analysis, energy technology and policy, biofuels/renewable energy, water resources, climate change, transportation, and trade policy, thus bringing a broad knowledge base to IINAS.
Based in Berkeley, Kevin is the main liaison with our US partners, and also has excellent relations to the Pacific Northwest. 

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