Ignacio Gavilan

Foto Ignacio Gavilan

Ignacio is a multi-lingual (Spanish, Portuguese and English) sustainability expert with a bachelor’s degree in Law & Business Administration and Master’s degree in International Environmental Management.

He has a wealth of international sustainability management & sustainability supply chain experience. He worked for FAO on sustainability risks to global crop production, and developed the Global Sustainability Strategy for BP Biofuels with an emphasis on management systems and standards development across their supply chain. Ignacio established and managed McDonald’s global CSR program for 5,000 international suppliers and foreign local providers.

He conducted assessments of vendors’ production and business practices and made recommendations of preferred suppliers with consideration of environmental and social aspects, duties, tariffs, and fiscal regimes.

Recently as a consultant he has lead, supported, guided and structured the CSR & sustainability strategic planning process for several organizations, provided an independent perspective that helps companies to define, prioritize and clarify strategic decisions and policy guidelines.

Based in London, Ignacio is the key liaison to IINAS’s partners in the UK.

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