GEMIS - Global Emissions Model for integrated Systems

IINAS is the host of GEMIS (Global Emissions Model for integrated Systems), a public domain life-cycle and material flow analysis model and database that IINAS provides freely.

GEMIS was first released in 1989, and is continuously updated and extended since then. It is used by many parties in more than 30 countries for environmental, cost and employment analyses of energy, materials and transport systems.

IINAS continues networking with GEMIS users on the international level, and extending and improving the model, and its database.

More information on GEMIS is given here. There are reports and data documentation on GEMIS as well as Help.

GEMIS is now acknowledged as a tool in the World Bank's Platform for Climate-Smart Planning.

IINAS also continues collaboration with the German Environment Agency (UBA) regarding ProBas which offers life-cycle analysis (LCA) data in a web-based tool and allows searching and retrieving LCA data by just using a web browser.