Leire Iriarte

Foto Leire Iriarte

Leire is a fierce advocate of sustainable development in all its dimensions, believing there are many aspects that make us to be at a tipping point of human development: we need to decide which world we want for the next decades. All decisions we make now will impact on how the world will be in the near future. Even small actions could make a difference, so we have to reflect and be consistent with what we do.

For its multi-sectoral and international dimensions, sustainability energy is one of the key points in this. Biomass is the most relevant renewable energy both in developed and developing countries and could play a key role in sustainable energy supply worldwide. Leire focuses on analyzing sustainability of biomass production on a global scale, allowing to apply her scientific knowledge and sensitivity to developing countries.

She is a Forest Engineer and received her MS from the Catholic University of Avila, and has a PhD in bioenergy from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. She has worked in different NGOs on issues related to energy access in several Latin American, African and Asian countries.

Leire is based in Madrid and a key liason to our partners and SAB members in Latin America. Besides her scientific work, Leire loves mountaineering and to move around on her mountain bike.

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