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Meet us at the 2017 World Water Week in Stockholm where IINAS contributes to the GBEP side event "Bioenergy, water and SDG implementation: Experiences and linkages" on August 31 from 9.00 - 10.30 h.

IINAS will contribute to the 2nd International Bioeconomy Congress (September 12-13, 2017 in Stuttgart-Hohenheim, Germany) with regard to sustainability of the bioeconomy.

AND: As part of an ongoing IEA Bioenergy project on sustainable bioenergy, we'd appreciate if you would fill out a brief questionnaire (open until end of the year) - this will take only a few minutes to complete - thank you in advance!

Now available

  • The European Commission held a workshop on "Life Cycle Analysis for Carbon Capture & Utilisation" on June 6, 2017 in Brussels to which IINAS contributed (see live web stream and documentation)

  • Presentations of the international workshop of the IEA Bioenergy Intertask Sustainability project "Sustainability of Bioenergy Supply Chains" in Gothenburg, May 17-18, 2017 

  • IINAS contributed to the IEA Workshop "Sustainability Governance Bioenergy" April 25, 2017 in Paris - see Documentation. and to the Global Soil Week, May 22-24,2017 in Berlin

  • GEMIS model and database (version 4.95 - update April 2017) as ZIP file
  • - thanks for this!
  • New article "Strategy Elements for a Sustainable Bioenergy Policy Based on Scenarios and Systems Modeling: Germany as Example" to which IINAS contributed (free download)
  • Study for IEA-RETD on integrating 1st and 2nd generation biofuel plants: RES-T-BIOPLANT
  • Selected results from GEMIS (version 4.95 - January 2017) in an Excel file
  • Article: Berndes, Göran & Fritsche, Uwe (2016) May we have some more land use change, please?

    Biofuels, Bioprod. Bioref. 10: 195–197 (free download)

Sustainable Land Use
  • IINAS in collaboration with an international team of co-authors is currently preparing a working paper on "Land and energy" for the UNCCD Global Land Outlook - more soon...
  • Final report and working papers from the GLOBALANDS project
Sustainability of Bioenergy and Biofuels
Energy, Climate and Environmental Analyses