Initial IINAS activities and projects in 2012-2015 include:

  • Several biomass projects
  • Global Resource Efficiency Approaches (ENTIRE)
  • Developing a Global Sustainable Land Use Standard (GLOBALANDS)
  • Energy and greenhouse gas balances of unconventional gas extraction, i.e. "fracking" (for UBA)
  • Updating GEMIS data for electricity generation (for German HEA)
  • Supporting further development of ProBas (for UBA)

IINAS also aims contributing to sustainable food research. In this context, updates and extensions of GEMIS data on life-cycles and material flows associated with food/feed will be elaborated (in collaboration with EC JRC and FAO), and policies and instruments for sustainable food consumption will be analyzed and developed in collaboration with key stakeholders.
With inputs from the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), IINAS associates and partners, we will further develop the project portfolio further, aiming to include more work on sustainable consumption, and the Great Transformation on various levels and with different stakeholders.