Our Work

In its work, IINAS uses quantitative methods and modeling, though applying qualitative analysis when appropriate (e.g. for social issues).

Applicability and implementation of results are key to success, as IINAS is oriented towards transdisciplinarity.

IINAS focuses on integrated analysis, participatory modeling and strategy development for key sustainability issues such as biodiversity, climate change, employment, land use, and resource efficiency.

With regard to energy, resource efficiency and material flows, IINAS addresses both supply and demand side issues, e.g. sustainable consumption.

Our analysis addresses key quantitative environmental indicators such as greenhouse gas and air emissions, resource use (land, raw materials, primary energy, water), wastes as well as costs and employment effects (see GEMIS).

Our strategy development is based on holistic modeling and interaction with stakeholders. IINAS has a focus on European and international activities, but also works on national and local levels.