IINAS: One network, many partners

The International Institute for Sustainability Analysis and Strategy (IINAS) is an independent transdisciplinary research organization which started operating in April 2012.

IINAS is a small think tank being part of an extensive international network of scientists within IINAS, in partner institutes and associated independent consultants, providing together integrated research, analyses and consultancy services in the sustainability domain.

  • The core team (fellows) is made of colleagues from Germany, France, Spain, and the USA.
  • The associates are independent researchers contributing to IINAS activities.
  • Partners regularly cooperate with IINAS, jointly preparing and executing projects.

The international Scientific Advisory Board supports IINAS in its work.

This network collaborates in analyses, research and strategy development on sustainability issues.

Independent and international

What is special, and working for whom

The approach of IINAS is characterized by its emphasis on networking and transdisciplinary work. Transdisciplinarity goes beyond interdisciplinary collaboration among scientists by including key stakeholders in all work phases – from defining the scope to implementing results. In our research we partner with decision-makers in private and public sectors as well as stakeholders. The latter include NGO such as IUCN and WWF.

Sustainability is the core concept of IINAS' work: The dynamic interaction between environmental, economic and social aspects of sustainability is a concept which needs operationalization for and with decision-makers in policy, enterprises and civil society, and to be embedded in everyday life.

Sustainability concerns people and the planet we live on (and from), and the future we choose. It is a transboundary concept, thus IINAS work crosses boundaries not only in geographical terms but conceptually, and methodologically:

IINAS considers that the human domain, expressed through art, culture, livelihoods, philosophy, personal relations and aspirations, needs better inclusion in sustainability research, making transdisciplinarity a practical tool for the Great Transformation ahead of us.

Key clients and donors of IINAS are national government agencies in Germany and other European countries, the EU Commission, the European Parliament, and international institutions (e.g., FAO, GEF, IEA, UNEP). IINAS also works with associations, foundations and the private sector, seeking diversity of sources as the base of its independence.


Our core team

The core team consists of the following colleagues (fellows):

Uwe R. Fritsche
Scientific Director
Hans Werner Gress
Kevin Fingerman
Ignacio Gavilan
Leire Iriarte